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Sandwich Panel in Indonesia

Welcome to the sandwich panel Indonesia

Sandwich panels Indonesia is a manufacture and supplier of sandwich panels in Indonesia trusted since more than 10 years.  Sandwich panel Indonesia was established to meet the needs  in Insulated Sandwich Panel System in around of Indonesia.Sandwich panel Indonesia
Innovation in the field of building construction makes the material easy to use. One of these is sandwich panel, with material of styrofoam instead of steel. Sandwich panels are typically single piece, modular factory engineered units comprising two metal faces and a fully insulated core. 

Glance, the main material of panel modern wall is has no  different with styrofoam. In fact, the white part of the basic components of the panel system is expanded polystyrene (EPS). The material resembles styrofoam but EPS is processed so that it becomes an antitoxic material and it's fire retardant.

We are  Sandwich panel Indonesia is an established engineering services company to meet the needs of the system in Indonesia Insulated panels for prefabricated modular buildings as well as the application of clean rooms, operating rooms, food and beverage processing plants, cold storage, distribution centers and other building applications or the destination partition.

We have many kind of sandwich panel classification :
1. EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene)
2. PU (Polyurethane)
3. PIR (Poly Isocyanurate)

Sandwich panel indonesia offers competitive prices with good quality.

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