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Sandwich Panel Insulation  

Sample material

Structural insulated panels (or structural insulating panels), are a composite building material. They consist of an insulating layer of rigid polymer foam sandwiched between two layers of structural board. The board can be sheet metal, the foam either expanded polystyrene foam (EPS),  polyisocyanurate foam, or polyurethane foam.

Sandwich Panel Insulation  

Sandwich Panel is a Multi Function Of Building Material 
Designed with a variety of models and functions,Sandwich panel Indonesia  
(PT. Winata Jaya Utama) very easy to use for walls, roofs, ceilings and floors and can be applied to modern buildings and commercial building.
Panel roofing                                                       Panel roofing

Incredible Building Materials
Construction needs of the present increasingly complicated. With the  Insulated Sandwidch  Panel, you can complete the building without draining more energy, time and cost.

Sandwich Panel Advantages

  • Energy Eficient
  • Light & Durable
  • Good Appearence
  • Good Insulation
  • Environment Friendly
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