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Expanded Poly Styrene Insulation (EPS)

Sandwich panel Indonesia supplies EPS Panel. 


Expanded Poly Styrene is light material, non CFC, & non brittle closed cell foam with consistent thermal insulation performance, high dimensional stability and low water vapor transmission .EPS foam is manufactured from 100% virgin bead with density 15kg/m3 - 20kg/m3, oven cured after manufactured to ensure the blocks are completely dry. No residual pentanes in EPS block make it self extinguish fire retardant.

Materials of EPS Sandwich panel :
‐ Steel Skins :
0.4mm - 0.60mm TCT pre painted Blue Scope galvanized steel or equivalent with corrosion resistant alloy (approximately 54.5%  aluminium, 44%  zinc and 1.5%  silicone)

‐ Coatings:
Standard colour off White, polyester coated Colour bond Antibacterial or Food grade coatings with 0.04mm plastic film laminated while finish production for protect

‐ Cores :
Very light, non CFC with density 15kg/m3 for clean room standard & 20kg/m3 for cold storage standard

‐ Join System :
Slip joint and Tongue joint inter fit achieves excellent thermal performance. This joint will be finished with silocon sealant for hygiene safe seals

‐ Usage : 
For cold storage is freezer, cold room, chiller, ante room. For clean room is food processing, food & beverages production area, chemical and pharmacy preparation applications with internal temp

‐ Dimension :
Standard width  1000mm to 1160mm,  length up to 9000mm depends on thickness.  Available thickness are 50mm, 75mm,  100mm,  150mm and 200mm

‐ Fire Protection :
Fire retardant, fire can be extinguished itself if the source of the fire extinguished

Technical Data

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