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Sandwich Panel Indonesia for Clean Room

We are, we produce and we supply  Sandwich Panel Indonesia for Clean Room.

Sandwich Panel Indonesia offers a wide range of lightweight, strong and stiff honeycomb clean rooms wall panels and clean rooms ceiling sandwich panels.

Clean Rooms or Processing Room with smooth white surface Insulated Panel Systems is hygienic, easy to clean and maintain.

Sandwich panel Indonesia supply sandwich panel for clean rooms with range of choices from fire retardant (EPS) Expand Polystyrene or (PU) Poly Urethane  to a FM Approved Certificate fire resistant or non FM Approved (PIR) Poly Isocyanurate , this materials insulator consist of non-CFC, non-brittle environmentally friendly chemical composites, with low water vapor transmission for better world.

A clean room is an environment, typically used in manufacturing, including of pharmaceutical products or scientific research, with a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors.

The custom designed modular shape will suit your project requirements, saving your cost with a fast track installation with minimum disturbances for installation on production area. It is also easy to make penetration or hole access for various purposes.

Beside clean rooms, we Offer PU sandwich Panel

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