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Modular Building

Modular Building - Sandwich panel Indonesia

We are  sandwich panel Indonesia, wants to introduce Modular Building System.

What is  modular building?

Modular Building. Commercial Modular Buildings are code-compliant, non-residential structures 60% to 90% completed offsite in a factory-controlled environment then transported or shipped to a final destination where the modules are then placed on a concrete foundation to form a finished building. The word "modular" does not describe a building type or style, it simply describes a means of construction.

Sandwich panel Indonesia.The commercial modular construction industry comprises two distinct divisions:Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) – modular units built offsite and assembled onsite to create a permanent facility and not intended to be relocated. They are comparable to buildings built strictly onsite in terms of quality, life span, and materials used for construction.
Relocatable Buildingsmodular units built offsite and assembled onsite that can be partially or completely reused and relocated at future building sites.

Prefabricated Modular Building with pre-painted finish paint Insulated Panels gives proven performance in high corrosion resistance, tough and durable against the changing weather and easy to maintain.

Sandwich panel Indonesia as an Engineering & Modular Building Solutions, for Modular / Prefab Building. We give you the best solution for your modular building system.

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