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The Proven Insulated Panel System
Insulation Material Core
Either it is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Poly Urethane (PU), Poly Isocyanurate (PIR), these efficiency, non brittle closed cell, CFC free and low water vapor transmission.

Info of sandiwch panel Indonesia. Insulation material core :

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS panel) :  
Core color is white
Expanded Poly Styrene is light material, non CFC, & non brittle closed cell foam with consistent thermal insulation performance, high dimensional stability and low water vapor transmission.

Poly Urethane (PU panel)

Core color is yellow cream
Coatings : polyester coated Colorbond Antibacterial or Foodgrade coatings with 0.04mm plastic film laminated after fabrication for skin protection. Standard skin color : White.

Poly Isocyanurate (PIR panel)
Core color is yellow
Sandwich panel indonesia - polyisocyanurate is a rigid polyurethane foam made by mixing isocyanurate an polyol with appropriate catalysts and HCFC Free blowing agent. 

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Skins
Our steel skin is finished with luxury wihite color, so we can saving time & money for painting work, that easy to maintenance & cleaning, heavy duty, durable anti bacterial (optional) based on BPOM standard and more advantages.

Prefabricated Panel
Our sandwich panels are manufactured to your project design requirements or your order based on approved drawing, but limited to 12m by transport and handling from our factory to your site,  that make it cost savings with faster installation on site.

And its also easy to make penetration electrical conduit or hole for all clean room requirements,  from low return ducting, exhaust fan, power outlet, pass-through access to opening for lamp.

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