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Sandwich panel-clean room

Applications Clean room
Sandwich panel Indonesia, clean room sandwich panel

Insulated Panel Systems for Clean room,  Surgery Room&  Processing Room come in line with it's complete accessories,  including doors and windows of various types.

Clean room, Food processing, Hospital surgery room, Production room 
The room with luxury smooth white color surface, bright, low energy consumption, good insulation, easy to maintain, clean, light, etc.
The closed cell insulator materials consist of non-CFC,  non-  brittle environmentally friendly chemical composites,  with low water vapor transmission. The range of choices from Fire-Retardant Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS)  or Poly Urethane(PU)  insulating core to a FM Approved Fire Resistant Poly Iso-cyanurate (PIR). 

For saving your cost & time with fast insulation with minimum disturbances for installation on production area so sandwich panel Indonesia will custom designed modular shape will suit your project requirements.

And its also easy to make penetration electrical conduit or hole for all clean room requirements,  from low return ducting, exhaust fan, power outlet, pass-through access to opening for lamp.

Doors &  Windows Luxury

sandwich panel indonesia

Sandwich panel Indonesia can produce doors from small to large sizes depends on customer order, our standard door is using material sandwich panel also same with wall & ceiling material panel combined with extrusion for fixing door frame.

The operation of our door is swing & sliding, for easier use we can combine with motor for sliding door complete with push button or sensor. Noncorrosive heavy duty materials,  ensures low maintenance.  sliding type shall be equipped with steel wheel on steel tracks for smooth operation.  
Windows for viewing designed for clean room application using radius slope on frame fixed with glass,  we can supply many kinds of glass, from clear glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, acrylic or polycarbonate even vacum glass its depends customer order.

We can add window also in door leave using same material with windows on wall panel.
We serve sandwich panel for transportable building. See in here :

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