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Sandwich panel application transportable building

Sandwich panel Indonesia. 
Aplications Transportable Building

Transportable building is a building that available to move form one location to other location with ease same with in Western country.

Why choose transportable building from sandwich panel Indonesia? because is that they can be can minimize the heavy work on site, in site you just need to set up the foundation and the drains. That building is relocateable means that if you need to move from one location to another location,  with ease like in western country. 
As we know, there are some locations that are not allowed to do the development work from scratch for security reasons, such as mining and exploration.

Container Type Building
Sandwich panel application transportable building
As we know today, some buildings many are using container room or home stay, which can be moved from one place to another by crane even a forklift, can also be used as a cooling chamber generator room or cafe.

Insulated Panel Type Building
Sandwich panel application transportable building

Insulated panel is easily extended to cater for future project growth,  or even dismantled and relocated.  It has containerized-ease of handling and on-site construction will minimize the damage to panels as well as maximize the use of local labor.  The base could be prefab steel base frame or concrete slab.  With short installation time,  it is a cost effective solution for uncomplicated building requirements & that building will luxury looking.

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